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We invite you to order literature to learn more about the benefits of Ventrol custom air handlers, options, and components for your project. Literature is available in PDF electronic format via email, or printed format via mail. To order literature, please select the literature you'd like to receive and submit this form or contact your local Ventrol Representative.


Custom Air Handling Solutions Ventrol Custom Coils Knock-down Air HandlerVentrol Thermal Break FANWALL Technology - Get the FANWALL Advantage FANWALL Technology - The Ideal Solution for Fan Retrofits FANWALL Technology Advantage Hybrid Foam Thermal Break Ventrol Heat recovery Units FANWALL Technology Case Study - A Retrofit Solution for Old AHUs The Anatomy of a World Class Medical Center


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Nortek Air Solutions Québec Inc.
Montreal, Québec, Canada

Custom air handlers, knock-down unit construction, special unit configurations, thermal break construction, special materials of construction, humidification, and energy recovery technologies, for new construction, renovation, and retrofit markets.

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Nortek Air Solutions
Québec Inc.
9100, rue du Parcours
Montreal QC  H1J 2Z1
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TEL: 514.354.7776
FAX: 514 354.2110