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When sweating or frosting on the exterior of your air handler is a concern, Ventrol offers several thermal break technologies to mitigate this concern. The objective of putting a thermal break into a panel construction is to minimize or eliminate any condensation and frosting on the warm side of the panel caused by thermal bridging. This is done by placing a material with significantly higher thermal resistance in the critical bridging path. It forces the largest temperature difference to occur across this material, raising the surface temperature on the warm side.

Applications that require a thermal break have relatively high temperature differences across the surfaces (temperature differential of 50˚F or greater) and/or a low discharge air temperature when cooling. For these situations, a thermal break is important due to the possibility of condensate forming on the exterior of the cabinet which may damage an interior space. Liquid condensation can be much more of a problem with indoor units located in unconditioned space and designed for air conditioning applications.

Ventrol has several innovative thermal break solutions including varying thicknesses of fiberglass insulation up to 4-inches, hybrid foam panel, injected foam panel, and polymer joiners.

For more information on thermal break technology, contact your local Ventrol Representative or order our Thermal Break brochure.

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