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Achieve sound levels never thought possible from an air handler with Ventrol’s quiet design options. When faced with placing units near occupied spaces or sound sensitive applications, consider a unit equipped with a FANWALL array and/or sound attenuators to meet your specific sound requirements.

Ventrol’s high performance air handler designs take acoustical performance into account—from product and system design to installation. To verify that the acoustic performance of our product designs will meet the requirements of your applications, Nortek Air Solutions, LLC built its own sound lab facility for HVAC products ranging in size from 500 to over 65,000 cfm. The lab provides a wide range of unique services to customers and each Nortek Air Solutions® company, including acoustic modeling, witnessed production testing, and robust performance and diagnostic analysis. The lab is also the site of rigorous, ongoing R&D testing designed to continually enhance and improve the entire product line of each Nortek Air Solutions company.

Nortek Air Solutions Québec Inc.
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Custom air handlers, knock-down unit construction, special unit configurations, thermal break construction, special materials of construction, humidification, and energy recovery technologies, for new construction, renovation, and retrofit markets.

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